Sport & Leisure

From the front desk reception in a sport & leisure centre to the changing rooms in sport centres, clubs and gyms, they all have a tough life. Hard-wearing finishes and fittings are required to stand up to the rigours in these environments.

Matching surfaces and finishes to corporate colours can also be important to continue the club or company branding throughout the building’s interior.

Having changing rooms or areas of the sports facility closed for too long can also be an inconvenience for club/gym members or centre visitors. Aspen Concepts understand this; manufacturing items off-site in our own workshops as much as possible, means that we can minimise disruption for your school or college during installation.

Bespoke installations for demanding environments.

Education items:

  • Changing room lockers and seating
  • Toilet & shower cubicles
  • Vanity units with ceramic or solid surface moulded sinks
  • Reception desks
  • Shop and canteen counters

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