From small-and-medium sized office workplaces to prestige, bespoke corporate headquarters, Aspen have worked on many commercial refurbishments and office fit-out projects to provide bespoke atrium, reception desks, meeting rooms & working environments, office storage and complete office refurbishments.

Interior design, brand image and functionality come together in our corporate office interiors and having the ability to create a wow factor or calming influence are parts of the skills mix we have, thus ensuring a suitable corporate environment for both employees and visitors alike.

Our installation team will work discreetly while on your premises, following the latest health & safety site regulations, often manufacturing items off site, thus enabling us to provide a faster installation in your office when at your commercial premises and causing as little disruption as possible. Click here for more information on installations and interior fit-outs.

Corporate works:

Office Environments

The way of working is changing, no longer are we at our office all day sat at the same desk or even in our own office, collaborative areas and meeting pods are more common. Technology and connectivity allow us to be more flexible in not just the way we work, but also where in the office we work.

Forward thinking companies are now looking for inspiring spaces and multifunctional spaces. Office hours are no longer necessarily 9 to 5, so long as the job gets done. It might be that one office needs to liaise with another office half way around the world and an office will be open at all times of the day, so larger office complexes might require coffee or food areas, private spaces for personal phone calls, concentrated thinking or even that mid afternoon snooze.

Incorporating different colours and textures can also be an important part of an office refurbishment. Our designers can bring all of these elements together in a comprehensive design to suit your brief and budget.

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